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Whether you're a dog walker or pet sitter who has to take client's dogs to vet appointments or just a dog owner who loves to exercise, dog walking accessories are a must-have.

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Setting up your dog-walking business can be challenging. However, reaching out to the right people who understand your business and its need can be even more challenging. This is when you need to go out there and tell people that you are here to solve a problem. Read more...

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There is a lot of fresh air, exercise, doggie kisses, and a bit more paperwork than you may expect when you consider dog walking as a career.

Dog Walking Licenses and Laws in the UK (2022)
As a professional dog walker, it's prudent that you get accustomed to what this career entails and keep up to date with any rules and regulations that may impact your business. Without further ado, let's take a look at the professional dog walking laws and licenses in the UK

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Are you thinking of starting a dog walking business? Read our COMPREHENSIVE guide, and learn how to run and market your new business from scratch. Click here for more details.

How Much Do Dog Sitters Charge in the UK?
The charge for dog sitting is usually based on the number of pets and the number of hours. There tends to be a range of rates between £10 and £25 per visit. Read more...

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