Essential cover for dog walking field hire

If you hire out your field privately to dog walkers, you want to be certain that any risks for which you might be held responsible are suitably mitigated against. If something should go wrong, and someone makes a claim against you, you will be liable for the costs involved.

Provided your open space meets the criteria (see inset) our comprehensive cover for dog field hire protects you if a client or other third-party visiting the field by arrangement is injured or incurs damage to their property as a result of something you did or failed to do.

Should you require it, we can also provide optional cover for your legal expenses, should you be taken to court.

Whether you’re hiring out your field for the first time, or have an established roster of clients, Pet Business Insurance can arrange insurance cover to suit your needs. For more information, call today on 01284 736 874, or complete our enquiry form.

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Our Standard Cover Includes

  • Public Liability Up to £5,000,000 included
  • Field must be securely fenced and have no public footpaths
  • Risk Assessment must be carried out
  • Warranted it is not on or near a landfill site
  • Warranted that all dog faeces are disposed of correctly
  • Warranted no liability to multi renting a field
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Our Optional Extras Include

Dog walking field hire FAQs

What are ‘secure fields’?

Secure dog walking fields are privately owned outdoor areas that dog walkers and owners can hire to securely exercise and train their dogs off lead.

Do you need planning permission for a dog field?

Planning permission is required for secure dog fields, regardless of whether you own or rent the land.

Why use a secure dog field?

Secure dog fields are ideal for training and exercising dogs in a safe and secure location, with little to no distractions.

Money Back Guarantee

Just starting up? Change or even cancel your policy anytime without any administration fees. Even better – Pet Business Insurance will refund your money, pro-rata, for any unused period of cover (as long as you haven’t made a claim of course!).

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