Among the best pleasures for you as a pet lover, is taking your cuddly, sometimes stubborn dog for a stroll down the park. While exciting and relaxing the stroll might be, it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don't have appropriate dog walking accessories.

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Think about it. Your dog may do his business at the most inopportune time, right in front of other people. Your favourite pet may end up walking you instead. Your dog may get injured, and you're not adequately prepared. That's why you'll need accessories that'll enable you to have the most relaxed time when walking your pooch.

Whether you're a dog walker or pet sitter who has to take client's dogs to vet appointments or just a dog owner who loves to exercise, dog walking accessories are a must-have. The following equipment can improve your dog walking experiences:


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1. Dog Poop Pickup Tool

Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture - JAC Pet Waste Pickup Tool with Bag Dispenser and Bags with Microfiber Fast-Dry Washcloth Set - Color: Blue and Yellow

Cleaning up your pet's waste in public is, quite frankly, not the most enjoyable task. But you're a responsible pooch owner who cares for public health. So, you have to do it anyway. One way of making the job less unpleasant is by using a useful waste pickup tool.

Alfie Pet Poop Pickup Tool enables you to clear away your pet's poop without making a mess. Unlike regular biodegradable bags, the accessory provides a sufficient protective barrier between you and the poop – you don't have to get too close to your dog's faeces. You also don't have to walk around looking for a bin while carrying a bag full of fresh faecal matter.

The accessory's all-around construction is well done. It is designed with durable plastic and a sturdy spring that does not weaken after a few months of use. What sets this accessory apart, though, is its rounded teeth that enable you to pick up all types of waste from runny, soft poop to hard, consistent poop.

The product also comes with a microfiber drying towel that offers excellent absorption and very fast drying speed. The towel allows you to dry your dog faster compared to traditional towels, as it absorbs about eight times its weight while in water.

Other pros:

  • Its plastic is easily washable
  • It is durable and easy to carry
  • It comes with a few waste bags.

2. Earth Rated dispenser with poop bags

Earth Rated Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags, Pack of 270

Another alternative to your dog poop problems is the Earth Rated dispenser. Here are a few reasons why:

  • You can quickly reload the dispenser – a feature that's especially important when you've leashed up your pup and need to boost the dispenser with a few more bags.
  • The bags don't rip easily. You won't get poop smear all over your hands.
  • The accessory is, most importantly, earth-friendly. It has a 100-per cent plastic-free bag that's made from vegetable starch. You can legally unload the pack in any environment that's acceptive of pet waste. Unlike conventional plastic bags, the Earth Rated product also has an EPI additive that enables the bags to break down.

3. RC Pet Products Pet First Aid Kit

SIPW Dog Cat First Aid Hi Travel Accessory Kit for Pets on the move (First Aid Kit)

You can never know when an emergency might happen. But if it does arise, then you should at least be prepared. The best way to prepare for an emergency during your walks is by arming yourself with a Dog First Aid Kit.

If you're in pet sitting and you return a bleeding dog to your clients, then it would paint a bad picture on your business. Conversely, if you return your client's dog with a small cut that's well sanitized, then most likely, your services will be well appreciated. That's why a pocket-sized first aid kit is crucial when dog walking.

RC Pet First Aid Kit is a well-equipped, portable kit that you can carry whenever you're taking your dogs for a walk, or even during your travels. Well-organized, the kit contains every medical supply you may need during an emergency. It's also affordable with a price that's suitable for most pup owners.

Among the kit's contents are scissors, gauze pads, bandages, and tweezers. For dog walkers who have no first aid experience, the product comes with a first-aid manual that enables you to respond to any emergency situation quickly.

Other important features:

  • Its bright orange colour and reflective strip enable visibility especially in low-light areas
  • The clear organization allows you to find whatever you want easily
  • Has an elongated zipper – you can open the kit faster even when you're wearing gloves
  • Has a convenient carry case
  • Contains every medical supply you might need

4. Mudbuster paw wash

Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner, Large, Blue (PW720312)

In inclement weather, your dog is naturally inclined to play around in mud puddles. And as a competent pup owner, you have to wash his paws. Just like you, your dog also doesn't like dirty paws – that's why he occasionally licks and chews on them.

But a warning though, washing your dog every day is not advisable. It's a tiring hassle that may only affect your pups' health for the worse. It may cause cracks and sores on his skin and may lead to unnecessary pain.

For the benefit of you both, you should wash his paws before he tracks the mud all over the house. Luckily, this task is made more comfortable with the Dexas MudBuster. The paw wash features an easy-to-grip tumbler that has soft and thick silicone bristles that enables you to wash your dog's feet hassle-free. The process is simple. Add water. Insert your dog's paw. Twist and dry the paw then repeat.

You can choose between three different sizes of the MudBuster: large, medium, and small. Large Mudbuster is suitable for extra-large dogs. It allows a paw of around 3.5 inches. It's perfect for breeds like the Golden Retriever, Husky, and Bulldog. Medium MudBuster is for breeds such as the Corgi, Beagle, and Boxer. Finally, the Petite MudBuster suits the Chihuahua, Yorkie, and Maltese.

5. Dog Walking Accessories Set

ORIA Dog Lead + Dog Collar, 2m Dog Leash and Collar Set, Adjustable to 3 Different Lengths, with Strong Soft Wool, for Small/Medium/Large Dog Training, Walking, Running - Medium Size (35cm-50cm)

If you want to spice up your dog walking experiences, then The Essentials Set is for you. The accessory combines style with substance in a 3-1 set that provides every supply you may need. It comes with a trouble-free leash, an attractive collar and a convenient bag for storing poop bags.

The multifunctional bag in the set also has a place for cards and contains a key ring to ease your routine walks.

The set is designed with premium materials for longevity. The accessories are made with cruelty-free vegan leather and are covered with zinc alloy to make them easier to carry. Despite being highly functional, the accessories are also stylish and elegant. They come in 4 different colours that you can choose for your dog. You can also change the leash's length to suit your preferences, and manage how far your pup goes. The ergonomic handle is comfortable when you're holding the leash, and you can use it hands-free.

Suitable for petite dogs, the set can make for a great gift. You can choose a colourful set that best expresses your personality. And with all the set's accessories coated with a bit of gold for a touch of luxury, your friends will most likely love your gift.

6. Pawz Dog Boots

Dog Boots Disposable, Reusable, Waterproof Pawz Set of 12 Color:Red Size:Small Pack of 2

While we're on the topic of dog paws, another accessory that may come in handy when walking your dog is a pair of Pawz Dog Boots.

Your dog is susceptible to dangers that may include bacteria, cold temperatures, and scorching hot pavements. He may also ingest chemicals through licking, which may cause serious health issues. He may also encounter loose gravel or sharp sticks that may injure his paw. In addition to injuries, these objects may end up on your carpet, or worse, bed.

PawZ Dog Boots offer protection from street chemicals, ice during the winter, sand, and even salt. They enable you to stroll down the blocks with a dog that boasts of a clean bill of health.

Other pros:

  • The boots are easily disposable
  • Designed with natural rubber
  • Provides a natural feel of the ground to your dog
  • Has no padding
  • Provides traction control
  • Can last for a long time

7. MIGOHI Dog Jackets

MIGOHI Dog Jackets for Winter Windproof Reversible Dog Coat for Cold Weather British Style Plaid Warm Dog Vest for Small Medium Large Dogs, XXS

Make your pup look stylish with the Migohi Dog Jackets. Reversible with a water-resistant exterior layer and a soft interior layer, the coat keeps your pooch fashionable and warm in any weather. You can choose between a variety of colours from its plaid pattern design. It's available from XL to XXXL sizes to suit any dog.

Easy to adjust and put on, the coat is crafted with premium quality material – cotton and polyester. It's lightweight, durable, thick, and can be worn on various occasions, both indoors and outdoors. Most dogs can wear the jackets -- Bulldogs, Poodles, to Golden Retrievers.

8. K9 Sport Backpack

PROPLUMS Dog Carrier Backpack for Small and Medium Dogs Multifunction Pet Sport Sack Air for Walking Hiking and Traveling with Detachable Storage Bag Free Booster Block and Collapsible Dog Bowls

It always feels great when you walk your dog in style. One of the best ways to carry your dog, especially when you're going to places that are crowded, is through a bag pack. The K9 Sport Backpack that can accommodate dogs weighing 80 pounds offers a safe and comfortable medium for carrying your dog everywhere you go.

The backpack is crafted with a durable outer layer for massive dogs. It also has straps with impressive functionality and boasts of many improvements over the previous K9 model. The waist strap and weight distribution strap helps level off the contents on your back. You can also use the bag pack to carry important essentials like your keys and phone.

9. PetSafe 3in1 Harness

PetSafe 3 in 1 Harness and Car Restraint, Extra Small, Teal, No Pull, Adjustable, Training for small / medium / large dogs

The PetSafe 3in1 is a versatile harness that's made for maximum comfort for both you and your dog. It comes in 4 sizes that range from extra-small to large and has three available colours; plum, teal, and black. It has almost similar comfort to the vest-style harnesses. It's lined with some neoprene padding for convenience and is stitched with thread that's reflective for improved visibility.

The PetSafe suits both the pups that pull the leash and those that walk comfortably without the leash. The V-strap feature allows for freedom of movement when dogs stretch the leash. When you attach the leash to the D-ring, you can walk freely if your dogs don't drag the leash.

Fitted with an extra strap, the leash is useful during car rides as it can keep your pooch securely restrained. No additional equipment is required to secure the pup in your car when you travel. You only need to tie the seat belt through harness's back, then buckle it.

Final Thoughts

Dogs enjoy going out for walks to engage with the environment, to socialize with other dogs, and to exercise. Next time you're taking your dog to sniff and enjoy the outdoors, be sure to carry the above accessories.

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