Care, Custody & Control Insurance for Pet Businesses

  • Dog Grooming insurance - mobile, home or shopCare, custody, and control liability insurance is a cornerstone of your pet business insurance policy.  It is one of the things that makes a Pet Business Insurance policy different from a standard retail or office based service business insurance policy.

    Because you work with animals everyday, you need to be insured for animal care, animal custody, and animal control liability coverage for your work with animals.

    In particular, dog control insurance for dog groomers, dog walkers, dog trainers and kennels is a vital part of your business insurance because of the increased risks of working with canines.  However, there are also risks of working with many types of pets as you are responsible for their actions when they are in your care and control.

    Care, custody & control insurance covers your legal liability for loss of or injury to animals that are in your care, custody or control, up to £20,000 for any one accident, or series of accidents, arising out of one original cause.

    This cover also includes;

    • Necessary funds for advertising and reward to assist if animals that are in your care, custody or control are lost or stolen
    • Upto £1,000 after 60 days if the animal is not recovered after Theft and/or Straying.

    Pet Business Insurance are experts in providing cover for pet professionals.  We understand the particular risks you face in working with dogs, cats and other pets.  With PBI you can rest easy knowing that your policies always include care, custody, and control liability coverage.

    Buy online today, or contact one of our friendly Pet Business Insurance team for expert advice about care, custody, and control liability coverage or any other part of your business insurance needs.  If you have a question, call 01284 736 874 Monday – Friday during normal office hours or use our quick enquiry form.