Start Up Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Insurance

For dog walking and pet sitting businesses with expected turnover under £10,000

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    Business Start Up Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Insurance

    If you’re part time or just starting out as a dog walker, pet sitter, minder or boarder then our PBI BASIC pet business insurance for dog walking & pet sitting policy could be just what you need.

    PBI Basic Cover gives you all the core pet business insurance you want for a smaller business, but at a lower cost. Prices start from just £72.20 for a full 12 months of insurance cover.

    Dog walking and pet sitting are the most popular pet business start ups in the UK.  Starting a business taking care of people’s dogs in public or caring for people’s pets at their home doesn’t need much more than a mobile phone, a diary, a comfortable set of trainers and a good business insurance policy.

    Why do you need good dog walking insurance or pet sitting insurance?

    Even small pet businesses like dog walking involve two big areas of risk.  Firstly you are responsible for controlling potentially dangerous animals in public.  Secondly – these are people’s precious pets.  Any injury or loss whilst in your care and you can be held responsible for costs and damages – whether you were negligent or not.

    With a pet sitting business you have additional risks.  If you are visiting client’s pets at their homes, then you are responsible for their pets and their home possessions.  Accidentally cause damage?  Or simply misplace the client’s house keys?  These are easy mistakes that can cost you dearly.

    Professional or Basic Pet Business Insurance?

    What’s the difference between PROFESSIONAL and BASIC?  Check out the details in the table below. The key differences are that the Basic policy;

    • covers businesses with turnover under £10,000 per year
    • only covers dog walkers and pet sitters
    • only insures 1 person in the business
    • has lower maximum claim limits
    • there are no “add ons” insurance covers, such as employers liability insurance or equipment insurance etc
    • is a single payment for annual cover (monthly payments are not available)

    If you’ve been in business for a while with a turnover greater than £10,000 per year or need cover for employees, equipment, premises etc. then you need our PROFESSIONAL coverage for Dog Walkers or Pet Sitters.

    Pet Business Insurance Comparison

    Basic Cover Professional Cover
    Trades Dog Walkers, Dog Day Care, Pet Minders, Sitters & Boarding only,(excludes Nothern Ireland) Dog Walker, Dog Trainer, Pet Behaviourist,,Pet Boarding, Pet Minder, Pet Sitter, Cat Groomer, Dog Groomer, Mobile Groomers, Dog Hydrotherapist, Horse Sitter, Pet Microchipper, Pet Taxi
    Turnover Under £10,000 Unlimited
    Core Cover Public Liability £1,000,000
    Care, Custody & Control £5,000
    Loss of Keys £1,000
    Loss of Money £250
    Legal Cover up to £100,000
    Public Liability £5,000,000
    Care, Custody & Control £20,000
    Loss of Keys £10,000
    Loss of Money £500
    Non Negligent Cover £20,000
    Legal Cover up to £100,000
    Add On Options Not available Employers Liability £10,000,000
    Holiday Emergency Cancellation Cover £1,000
    Equipment Cover up to £25,000
    Glass Cover £2,000
    Professional Indemnity £500,000
    Personal Accident £10,000
    Loss of Licence up to £50,000
    Marketing & Support Real Person Helpline
    Free “PBI Covered” stickers, decals, badges & logos
    Real Person Helpline
    Free “PBI Covered” stickers, decals, badges & logos
    Terms Covers one person in the business
    No mid term adjustments
    Customers may upgrade cover on Professional Policy
    Mid term adjustments with no admin fees
    Unlimited renewals
    Payment Single Annual Online Payment Single Annual Payment or Easy Monthly Direct Debit Options

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    Turnover more than £10,000 per year?  Need more options? Then you need our Professional Dog Walking Insurance or Professional Pet Sitting Insurance.