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    Kennel Insurance & Cattery Insurance – Good for you, good for business.

    Pet Business Insurance have been providing kennel insurance and cattery insurance to UK pet businesses for over 10 years.

    Work in the professional pet industry? You will know how precious & beloved cats & dogs are to their owners. Combined with an increasing move towards ‘blame and claim’ and you’ll understand the need for kennel insurance and cattery cover.

    PBI offers a complete range of crucial pet business insurance to cover your public liability, your liability to animals, loss, vet fees, buildings and more.

    For registered kennels and catteries we also offer “Loss of Licence Cover”.  This covers up to £50,000 should you have your business licence revoked or refused under the Boarding Establishment Act through no fault of your own.

    We offer range of insurance options such as;

    • Public Liability – should someone injure themselves whilst visiting your premises
    • Care Custody and Control (Liability to Animals) – in case the animal is injured or lost due to your negligence
    • Vets Fees Cover up to a value of £1,500 for each animal
    • Reimbursement of loss of boarding fees should an animal get lost, stolen or die during its stay with you
    • Advertising and Reward cover in case you should need to locate a lost or stolen dog
    • Easy online quotation form
    • Tailor-made packages to suit your individual needs
    • Annual or monthly payment options

    In addition you can insure for Personal Accident and loss of earnings, Building and Equipment insurance and even death or loss of an animal whilst in your care.

    So if you are searching for cattery or kennel public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance, commercial insurance make sure you contact PBI on 01284 736 874 during office hours or complete our online kennel insurance and cattery insurance quote form today.

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