Animal Rescue Centre Insurance

  • Animal Rescue Centre Insurance

    Cover for you and your visitors – liability insurance and more for pet rescue centres

    Caring and rescuing animals is a rewarding and demanding role. At Pet Business Insurance we recognise the specific needs and situations pet and animal rescue centres face which is why we provide tailored insurance packages to suit your rescue centre’s needs.

    Whether dogs, cats, hedgehogs or rabbits, you are responsible for the safety of visitors to your premises and for the actions of the animals in your care; and having the right insurance cover can mean the difference between investing pennies a week and paying out tens of thousands of pounds for a claim.

    Pet Business Insurance can include Public Liability Insurance – giving you peace of mind when people are visiting your premises seeking a new pet to adopt.

    Animal Rescue Centres often have a team of staff, helpers and volunteers working both full time and part time at the facility.  Pet Business Insurance provides options for Employers Liability, a legal requirement for any company employing staff.

    Other cover options include Equipment cover – covering all the tools you use in caring for animals and operating the business.  See a full list of cover options and explanations.

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