Equipment Insurance for Pet Businesses

  • pet business equipment insurance theftEquipment can be a big expense and investment for your pet business.  So equipment insurance is essential for many pet businesses including pet groomers, dog trainers, pet mirochippers, kennels, catteries, dog clubs, pet taxis, hyrotherapists, businesses that offer pet visits or educational presentations and even some dog walking companies with transport, toys or other specialist equipment.

    Pet business equipment insurance covers your portable tools, utensils and equipment against loss or damage occurring anywhere in Great Britain, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands caused by;

    • theft
    • fire
    • lightning
    • explosion
    • aircraft
    • riot or civil commotion
    • malicious damage
    • earthquake
    • impact
    • storm & flood
    • escape of water or oil
    • falling trees or branches

    The sum insured you select should represent the full replacement value of the property. There is a minimum amount of £100 and a maximum limit of £25,000 in total. All equipment must be stored in a locked compound.

    Not insured;

    • theft from any unattended vehicle
    • subsidence, heave or landslip
    • damage by storm, flood or escape of water or oil to property in a basement or outbuilding unless it is stored 100mm clear of the floor
    • terrorism
    • the first £100 of each claim

    Pet Business Insurance are experts in equipment insurance for, well, pet businesses.  For over ten years we’ve been the UK’s favourite insurer for everyone in the professional pet sector dog walkers to horse sitters.  Equipment insurance is just one of the many options available to add on to our animal business liability insurance policy for UK pet businesses.

    Call one of our pet business insurance team during office hours for expert advice or just a chat about your insurance needs.  Or get an online quote and cover today.  Our simple online insurance form lets you add the cover you need and take out what you don’t.  Get great, comprehensive pet business insurance cover in about 5 minutes!